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Giving Testimonies

Testimonies of Giving given by WBC Members.

March of Remembrance Audio Collections March of Remembrance

Testimony given by:
David Loawhon

Linda Murphy Audio Collections Linda Murphy

Stewardship Moment:
Personal Testimony

Giving to God Audio Collections Giving to God

Written by:
Randy Kilpatrick

Film production:

Clarissa Webb Audio Collections Clarissa Webb

Stewardship Moment:
Managing the Body God Has Given Me

Ruth Escamilla Audio Collections Ruth Escamilla

I am Westbury: An Interview with a Member

Ruth Escamilla, interviewee

Dave and Sharon Messersmith Audio Collections Dave and Sharon Messersmith


Unfortunately, the CD corrupted while recording during the…

Steve Adell Audio Collections Steve Adell

Steve Adell testimony on giving as recorded on January 22, 2017