With the growing instability of Afghanistan, Houston is expected to get hundreds more refugees in the coming months than the entire previous year. Help us meet the needs of refugees new to Houston with honor and dignity by donating items to build Kitchen Kit #2 (see below for the list of items needed for the WBC Kit Packing Event on October 27, 6:15 pm in the gym. Houston Welcomes Refugees (HWR) will distribute these kits to refugee families when they first arrive. Kits must be complete in order to be delivered to HWR, so maybe your Bibles study group would like to join forces in providing items for a full kit or two. Let's see how many of these kits we can build! Contact us if you have any questions.
How To: Build a Kit
  1. Please purchase NEW items only. 
  2. We encourage you to include a hand-written, unsealed note welcoming the family.
  3. Items can be dropped off at the WBC Main Office (M-Th) or Sanctuary Lobby (Sun).
HWR - Kitchen Kit #2 List
  • Large skillet (12 in)
  • Small pot w/ Lid (3 qt)
  • Large pot w/ Lid (8 qt)
  • Baking dish (9x13)
  • Baking sheet (17x11)
  • Wooden spoon Spatula
  • Ladle
  • Oven mitts (2)
  • Clear Storage Tub (72 qt)
To learn about other ways you can serve refugees arriving in our city, please join Houston Welcomes Refugees for an Orientation. Orientations last about an hour and cover some basic information about the refugee resettlement process, why the organization exists, and how attendees can volunteer.
To RSVP and learn more visit: https://www.houstonwelcomesrefugees.com/orientation.
Once your orientation is completed, please watch for an email invitation from HWR to attend a training session.