Do you have dreams for your future?

Wednesdays, beginning April 6, at 6:15 PM Brandon will be teaching a 5 week course titled Dream Big. In this class we'll consider three questions: What would you do if opinion, reason, or probability were no object; What do you deeply desire to do even if it scares you to the marrow of your bones; What were you meant to do even if no other person thinks you should? The goal of this class is to take the first step in living out the version of our lives that God intended for us before others told us it was impossible. There is no cost to attend, and you can invite as many people to be a part of it with you as you'd like. We will not meet on Wednesdays April 13 (Holy Week) & May 4 (Christian Home Week).

Please let us know you will be joining us by filling out the short registration form below. See you there!