Parent Journey

Starting January 11th 2023 join us on Wednesday nights in the Library from 6:15-7:15 pm as we discuss the role, struggles and rewards of being a parent in our world today. We'll learn and be encouraged as well as encourage others with our parenting wins.
It is a Journey.

Upcoming weeks:
February - Return to Atomic Habits 
If you haven’t noticed…Atomic Habits (the book by James Clear) is showing up everywhere. We will return to the book and walk through the 4 laws that can be applied to parenting. And the skill sets you will learn can apply in all other areas for yourself and your family. Come join us as we get into the practice of Atomic Habits.

March & April - Parenting Getting It Right with Andy and Sandra Stanley
A video and discussion series.

Take a look at the free resources below.

Monthly Parenting Class Video and Access to Family Experiences

Click the buttons to the right for parent coaching videos and resources. Each month a new set of resources are made available from Ministry2Parents.com.

February 2023 resource for parents of kids includes an Online Parenting Class video (about 4 min.). In this month’s video and blog article, you’ll discover some practical tips for laying a foundation with your kids in an age-appropriate way now so that they can engage in healthy relationships in the future. Take a few minutes to check it out. You’ll be glad you did.

February 2023 resource for parents of teens includes an Online Parenting Class video (about 4 min.). This months video and parent guide will provide you with some excellent ideas, tools, resources, and some much-needed encouragement on how to engage in these conversations about dating, relationships, and relational/physical boundaries with your teenagers in a healthy (and slightly less awkward) way. To watch this brief video, click the button to the left.